Friday, October 1, 2010

Most Over-reported New Stories of the Week

  • Capital Bikeshare. I know! It's here! Everyone's excited (except for the people who live near Lincoln Park who got their's axed). Well, and that Canadian guy who complained about it (and later conceded halfway through his post/rant that the system is only half complete). more bikeshare news.

  • Michelle Rhee. Yes, she's awesome. Yes, Gray will probably boot her. But please, enough in-depth analysis of her policies, her popularity, her role in the mayoral primaries, her ability to divide DC residents, etc etc etc. On that note, I'm seeing "Waiting for Superman" next week, in which Rhee makes an appearance (it's a documentary about school reform). Oops

  • Food Trucks. Food trucks vs traditional restaurants. New food trucks. Food truck reality TV show. Food trucks battling eachother for local "best of" titles. Food trucks tweets. Food truck "ghettos." Food truck=the new cupcake.

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