Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hello Cupcake Coming to Eastern Market/Barracks Row

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As DCmud reports, a new outpost of Dupont Circle's Hello Cupcake will be coming to Barracks Row. The new location at 705 8th St SE will be a continuation of the original locations' s whimsical decor. The owner and founder, Penny Karas, will again be using her husband Bill Bonestra's design team (Bonestra Haresign Architects). Bonestra's company designed the original Hello Cupcake, located right off of Dupont Circle, and have also had a hand in projects like 14th street's Studio Theatre.

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According to DCMud, the new location is a 3-story rowhouse, which the owners intend to liven up with flower boxes, etc in keeping with the residential facade. Additionally, a basement floor will allow Karas to start a delivery operation, for which she apparently has nationwide aspirations. Because, let's face it, DC just doesn't have enough cupcakeries...

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  1. Cupcakes 3 blocks from my house?!?!?! This will be the death of me...