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In honor of National Cheeseburger Day, Who has DC's Best Burger?

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According to DCist, Zburger is offering $1 cheeseburgers on Saturday, September 18th in honor of National Cheeseburger Day. I wonder who thinks up these pseudo-national days of recognition? Probably the retailers themselves...

But it did get me thinking...who has the best burger in DC? Here are my rankings of ten popular establishments, based on previous experiences at each of the following:
  1. Ray's Hell Burger--A bare-bones burger joint by Michael Landrum with a league of undying fans (I once went at 9pm on a random was still jam packed and I had to wait in line to order). The delicious food makes up for the dearth of ambiance.
  2. Good Stuff Eatery--A superb choice for a classic, relatively unadorned burger. The fries are limp and flavorless, essentially a delivery system for the flavored mayo (which is enjoyable, nonetheless). The milkshakes are a much better use of your caloric intake. Try to go at an off time, or risk waiting in the long line of hill staffers and foodie tourists.
  3. Rogue States Burgers--By far the superior Dupont burger establishment, Rogue States offers a variety of speciality burgers with fixin's mixed into the meat (my favorite? The 'No Burger, No Cry' with habaneros mixed into the ground beef). Hopefully a recent spat with a neighboring law firm won't force them to close (the firm alleged that burger exhaust was wafting into their office).
  4. Matchbox--Not just for pizza, the sliders are out of this world. Check out the Eastern Market location for a much quieter alternative to the oft over crowded Chinatown location.
  5. Chef Geoff's--Delicious to pair with one of their super-mugs of beer...but good luck getting a table during their small, ultra-crowded bar area during happy hour.
  6. Ceiba--Sadly, the chorizo burger is no longer on the menu, but the supplemental (sigh) normal burger is almost as enjoyable (and probably less likely to give you a heart attack). Go for the abbreviated happy hour and sit in the pleasantly commodious bar area to get half off the burger and other bar food specialties.
  7. Clyde's--It's a chain, which is typically a turn-off for me, but the burger is good enough to merit a mention. I especially like the travel-themed downstairs of the Friendship Heights location.
  8. Five Guys--For a fast-food-y burger, it's not bad. French fry portions make supersizing look like child's play.
  9. BGR, The Burger Joint--Arguably one of the worst burgers I've had in DC--overcooked and overpriced. The Dupont location is convenient, but judging by the quality of their burger I think they're banking on a lot of the post-Dupont bar, drunk food-eating crowd.
  10. Z Burger--A Five Guys knock off that is somehow even less endearing than the original, if that's possible. Nothing terribly special about it, although the staff is generally very friendly.
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