Friday, September 17, 2010

Proof's Designer Revealed

Recently, I mused about Proof's strangely designed bathroom, and who would design it--such a jarring contrast with the restaurant's interior. Ironically, I got my answer a few days later from DC real estate blog DCMud.

It's Grizom Dwight, of Grizform Design Architects, who has also designed DC restaurants PS7's, Tonic (Mt. Pleasant and GW locations), Tackle Box, Cava, and most recently the new 14th street/Logan Circle spanish restaurant Estadio (pictured below...I actually think it looks very nice)

Photo of Estadio's interior, courtesy of DCMud
 Here is the infamous women's room in Proof...judge for yourself (the picture really doesn't do it justice):

Photo, courtesty of Grizform Design Architects

And the men's room at Proof (complete with naked lady):

Photo, courtesy of Grizform Design Architects
 That got me wondering...are all of his bathrooms weird? After flipping through some more pics on GDA's site, I found this snapshot of the men's room in PS7's...are those fishbowls on the wall, next to the urinals?

Photo courtest of Grizform Design Architects
 And actually, come to think of it, now that I realize he designed the Mt. Pleasant outpost of Tonic, I'm remembering another jarring bathroom that I personally experienced at brunch a few weeks ago...

Photo courtesy of Grizform Design Architects
The above photograph really doesn't do it justice...there are various portraits of musical artists arranged in a collage, including some people I would rather not have starting at me while I'm using the toilet (read-Marilyn Manson).

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