Friday, September 17, 2010

In defense of hedgehogs

Once upon a time, I watched a You Tube video that really made me want a hedgehog. Here it is. I don't necessarily expect anyone to watch all 3+ minutes, but you should at least watch until the 30 second mark because he starts cutely flipping around (instead of somewhat looking like he's frantically trying to get out of the tub). If you can at least watch for a minute or so, it starts to get pretty cute. Although, I'd recommend mute, because the cooing lady in the background is super annoying.

I got many many questioning comments from my friends about wanting a hedgehog...and I finally ended up not getting one. Not because of peer pressure, though. The story goes something like this....I had found someone, a friend of a friend, who had a hedgehog and said that I could come over and check it out. I did. It did not go well.

So OK, let me explain something to you. A hedgehog is really sharp. I realize that sounds stupid. But you look at those damn pictures and think...oh, I bet he's a little pokey but if you pet him the right way it probably feels soft. Ok, maybe not soft. But at least not like picking up a ball of needles. However, ball of needles he is. A ball of needles that is deathly afraid of you. And might bite you. And has a substance on his spines that irritates your skin. And in spite of all this, a strange tendency to crawl into your pockets or sneak down the back of your jeans. Sigh...

So maybe this is more "in defense of me at one point thinking I wanted a hedgehog." However, in true defense of hedgehogs everywhere, I think this person had a crappy hedgehog they hadn't socialized very well. I mean--look at how cute it is on the You Tube video! And you know everything on You Tube is real! (Kidding with the last statement...I don't want to start hearing about that now).

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