Monday, September 20, 2010

Map of DC Racial Divides

Update: After reading a similar posting on Beyond DC about this data, I realized that I did not clearly state that this map was generated using the 2000 census date (and thus, is 10 years old). It'll be interesting to see any changes once the 2010 data comes out--and, sorry if the original post incorrectly implied this was more recent data. --W, 9/23/10

Photo courtesy of, data generated by Eric Fischer

An interesting post from DCist today shows a geographic representation of DC's racial divides. The above picture was the one posted on DCist with the District lines added for reference, but the original by Eric Fischer can be found here. Interesting to compare Fischer's map to the below map from the Washington Post, outlining mayoral primary votes by precinct.

There's been much media speculation about the role of race in the Gray-Fenty mayoral primary. While it's nice to these assertions are backed up by the quantitative data, it's sad to see how racially divided DC remains (both politically and geographically).

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