Thursday, November 11, 2010

Columbia Heights' Social is Closing

Yesterday, I read a post from CityPaper's Young and Hungry speculating that Social, a restaurant in Columbia Heights, had closed. Tim Carman links to a pretty damning review he wrote when he first visited Social, although he doesn't name the restaurant explicitly in deference to its newness.

Later yesterday afternoon, DCist confirmed that Social has in fact, closed. Allegedly, "a dispute regarding taxes and the ownership group" is the cause.

One of Social's owners, AJ Guy, explained, "Social has closed today due to an unexpected set of circumstances and we are working diligently to find a solution so that we can continue to be an active member of the Columbia Heights community."

I've eaten at Social a couple of times, and while I never found it as bad as Carman describes, it didn't wow me either. The food was fine, but overpriced, and the service was underwhelming. If Social remains closed (Guy's comment implies there's a chance of re-opening), I'd expect the space to quickly be leased by a new restaurant.

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On that note...if you bought the Groupon (or was it Living Social?) for Social, I hope you've already used it!

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