Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Links I like, Tuesday 11/30

Sorry folks, I'm busy today...Links this week is a little brief.

Jane Black's first Op-Ed since leaving The Post. Boy oh boy, did this get a lot of comments, retweets and facebook shares. Some interesting points, although the immediate Republican bashing in the introduction is a bit off-putting.

What everyone who lives here knows...renting in DC is terribly expensive and super competitive. I thought this article had an interesting point...that with the downturn in home sales, more people are renting, which is partially the reason our already competitive market is becoming increasingly tighter.

A guide to hangover cures from BYT. PS: I doubt a raw quail egg yolk is doing anyone favors the morning after, Mr. Alvear.

Wow. Stetson's got served by City Paper.

Great explanation of what's wrong with the ABRA/ANC process, especially emphasizing the problems of Hank's Oyster Bar, which I've been following closely.

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