Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lead in Your Reusable Grocery Bag

Great. Just great.
Photo, Washingtonpost.com
The Washington Post has an article today about levels of lead detected in reusable bags. Winn Dixie (not that I know of any nearby) recalled the reusable bags that they sell due to lead concerns. Apparently, the Winn-Dixie bag with the highest detected lead amounts was a collage design of baby faces....ugh, talk about your PR nightmare.

But more importantly, how did area retailers compare? Well, Wegman's also recalled their bags as a result of trace lead-concerns. So be forewarned if you've done any shopping at the suburban mega-grocer.

Safeway says their bags contain no traceable lead, and that they plan to continue regular testing to ensure it stays that way.

And Giant? There is lead present...but in "acceptable" levels. That's not exactly comforting to me...especially because 90% of the people I know use Giant bags, as the grocer apparently blanketed DC with free bags in preparation for the bag tax implementation.

I realize it might be an overreaction, but I personally wouldn't use the Giant bags anymore...there are some experts who don't think any level of lead exposure is safe, and why chance it?

Update: Senator Schumer (D-NY) is calling for investigation into the issue by FDA, EPA and Consumer Product Safety Commission. DCist comments that maybe lead in our drinking water is a bit more dangerous.

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