Sunday, November 21, 2010

Renowed Jazz Club HR-57 Moving to H St NE

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This afternoon, DCist reported that 14th street jazz institution, HR-57, will be relocating to the blossoming H street corridor in NE. HR-57 (or technically, the HR-57 Center for the Preservation of Jazz and Blues) has been operating on 14th street since 1993.

Owner Tony Puesan has confirmed that the Atlas District's cheaper property taxes were a motivating factor in the move. "It's a very nice place," says Puesan. "It's just in a little bit cheaper building."

Puesan owns the building that houses HR-57, and plans to sell it once HR-57 has completed their move.

Journalists and bloggers have already begun speculating about the move's implications. Relocating such a popular establishment to H street will certainly be a boon to this developing corridor. Yet, the Atlas District is markedly less visible and not easily accessible via public transportation. From a business perspective, the cheaper property taxes may not compensate for the lost foot traffic and revenue.

According to DCist, HR-57 will pack its bags after the New Year, heading for 9th and H NE. No word yet on what establishment will replace HR-57 in January 2011.

Update: U Street Girl bemoans the loss of an independent neighborhood establishment. While I commented on PoP that I thought this was a good business decision, her point is one I hadn't considered. As U Street/Logan Circle/14th street become more popular, I hope we don't see the independently run businesses that make the area unique get priced out of the neighborhood.

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