Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Links I Like, Tuesday 11/23

Give thanks and be greatful for your blessings. WaPo has a seasonally appropriate article reminding us that, given the current economic state of the country, food banks will be facing record need.

And now, on a less serious note....You know what I hate about this city? Not enough monuments made out of pancakes.

Well, nothing says Thanksgiving like Jello Shots.

Defining hipster

Eyes on the street--why busy neighborhoods feel safer.

Ace of Cakes got cancelled!? I know some people who are going to be very upset.

GPS use linked to Alzheimer's? OK maybe not, but it weakens the part of your brain that Alzheimer's attacks first.

More on how technology apparently makes you stoopid.

What happens when a condo owner stops paying his condo fees?

Insta-road? NEAT!

The nicest write-up of Douglas Jemal I've seen in a while. Or, you know, ever.

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