Monday, November 22, 2010

Fast Indian Concept Coming to 7th Street

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Via Penn Quarter Living, it looks like Penn Quarter will be getting a new fast casual restaurant called Merzi at 415 7th St NW.

The concept, per their website, will serve "complex Indian flavors interpreted in a revolutionary and exciting new way." It then goes on to describe Indian-spiced rotisserie chicken, which doesn't seem terribly revolutionary... but does sound yummy.

Their menu offerings look like fairly standard mix-and-match fare (as one PQL commenter noted, like an Indian Chipotle). I've reproduced a modified version of their website's "Merzi 101" below (thanks, but I don't need instructions to know to get a fork, or their annoying exclamation mark interjections)
  1. Pick the base for your meal: naan, rice, salad or chaat.
  2. Add black-eyed peas, chickpeas or onions and peppers
  3. Choose a meat
  4. Add fresh veggies
  5. Choose a sauce or chutney
Merzi's hours of operation will be 11am-10pm (possibly counting on some post-bar Chinatown diners?). You can follow them on Twitter @Merzi DC or on their facebook page.

Update: Thrillist has posted some pictures of the interior.

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