Sunday, November 21, 2010

Update: New Cap Hill Eatery Ba Bay's Menu

When I originally wrote about Ba Bay's opening, I didn't have any concrete menu items or prices to share with you. Well, Washingtonian has now reported on Ba Bay's opening and published their menu, with prices.

I've reproduced the menu below. Looks great!

Shareable small plates
Pork loaf, Maggi dipping sauce $5
Trotter terrine, kohlrabi slaw $6
House pâté, pear mustard $6
Purple-cabbage salad, peanuts, herbs, soy vinaigrette $7
Meatballs, pork broth, shrimp crackers $8
Autumn roll, egg, jicama, Chinese sausage, peanut-hoisin $9
Shrimp on sugar cane, fatback, pickles, herbs $11
Grilled oysters, scallion, soy $11
Squid, lemongrass lamb sausage, mung beans, sesame cracker $11
Chili-glazed wings, scallion $12
Spicy pork-shrimp broth, thick rice noodles, Thai basil, pork loin and shank $14
Pho, rice noodles, ribeye, tendon, tripe, herbs $15
Pork belly, clams, Thai basil, Thai-chili broth $15
Cellophane noodles, Maryland crab, padron peppers $16
Steamed chicken, cabbage salad, onions, herbs, fish-sauce vinaigrette $16
Turmeric skate, braised fennel, turmeric-dill broth $17
Chicken, oysters, red perilla, caramel sauce $18
Tuong ot marinated pork chop, pickled carrots and bean sprouts $18
Short ribs, hoisin, scallion, peanuts $19
Rice congee, almond-milk-poached rockfish, fermented black bean, cilantro $19
Lamb, madras curry, lemongrass, fingerling potatoes, tomato, star anise $20
Shaky beef, marinated onions, black pepper, watercress purée $20


Bok choy, oyster sauce, crispy shallots $4
Carrots, fish sauce, padron peppers, lime $5
Brussels sprouts, sweet chili butter $5
Kabocha squash, coconut milk $5


Seasonal popsicles $4
Banana cake, curried chocolate, peanut brittle $7
Coffee pudding, condensed-milk ice cream, Vietnamese churro $7
Avocado milkshake, coconut caramel, bay cookie $8

Cocktails (all $12)

Saigon Mule: vodka, house ginger ale, lime
633: Brugal rum, St. Germain, cilantro, milk punch
B&B: brandy, cointreau, Dolin Rouge, absinthe
Bubble Tea Punch: rum, brandy, green tea, basil bubbles
Lloyd’s Libation: cava, cinnamon/raspberry sugar cube, twist

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  1. Bummer, I was hoping for some vegetarian options. Looks extra, extra meaty. (And I thought they were going to have sandwiches too. Guess I will have to keep pining for the return of Rebel Heroes!!)