Monday, November 15, 2010

Dirty Martini Opens in Dupont

Dirty Martini is now open! RIP were too clubby for me anyway.

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Thrillist reports that Michael Romeo's latest edition to the Dupont Circle nightlife scene is open. The location, which I've passed several times, is palatial...think 35-foot ceilings expanding over seating for 200! However the part I'm most excited for, the second-floor deck, is still a work in progress.

Dirty Martini's website is pretty much barren, and apparently your only option is to enter your e-mail address to receive updates. Unclear whether this is an exclusivity thing, or if they just haven't paid their web designer.

What little detail I can glean from Thrillist seems to indicate we're looking at upscale, modern American cuisine and a speciality drink menu consisting of 16 speciality cocktails. If I were to guess on the prices, I'd bet $8-$14 for cocktails and probably $14-27 for entrees. That's a total shot in the dark though, of course.

Looks like a decent addition to the neighborhood, probably more Russia House than Rumors. And maybe it will help thin the crowds a bit at Public Bar...seriously, that place was so great before people realized it was there...

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