Monday, November 29, 2010

Fort Myer's Quarterdeck is Closing. Tear.

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I don't often comment on Arlington restaurant news, mostly because I live in DC and don't go out to VA much anymore. It's not a political stance (i.e. I'm not one of those DC people who totally hates VA--being from there, and all) but it's more that I don't feel as qualified to comment.

But, when I saw this posting from Capital Spice, I knew this was news I too would care about. Quarterdeck is right next to Fort Myer (1200 Fort Myer Dr), and has been a summertime mainstay for my friends and I for years. Oddly, I've never actually been inside the establishment...and I'm told I'm not missing much. But on a nice warm day, nothing beats sitting outside with a pitcher of beer and a table strewn with delicious Old Bay seasoned crabs. NB: This is also how I found out that Old Bay really stings when you get it in a crab-cracking-related injury.

But sadly, it appears that Quarterdeck will be closing after 31 years of operation due to problems renegotiating their lease. As of this time, a replacement tenant has not yet been named.

Capital Spice quotes the building's owner, Haig Paul, as saying, "There is a change coming. We're still in the process of lease negotiations, so I can't go into too many details at this point. The only thing I know for certain is that a restaurant will remain in operation in some form [at 1200 Fort Myer]."

He added that a new restaurant in that location might not be a significant departure from Quarterdeck's concept, explaining, "The Quarterdeck is a niche type restaurant. It's unique, with a very steady and loyal clientele. I would like to see it continue in its current format. It won't become something radically different."

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